Brief review of company's history

Past experiences lead us safely to the future.


EVOIKI S.A. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Anastassios Sampanis and Mr Emmanouil Skouloudis in Ritsona Avlida, and took its present form as EVOIKI Winery S.A. in 1998. Its two co-founders relying on their prior knowledge and experiences foresaw the potential that there was in the market for grape products other than wine and decided to act accordingly.

This way, EVOIKI S.A. became a pioneer in the wine industry and from its early days has been processing grape and turning it not only into wine, the traditional end product of grapes, but also into other products like Concentrated Must and Concentrated Rectified Must that can be used by wineries, food and canned food industries, juice industries and also pastry making industries.

The company with the help of the traditional products (wine of every type) and the innovative ones (MCR, MC, and GJCR) broadened its clientele and increased its sales breaking the 2 billion DRS plateau (around 6 million Euros) in 1995.

In 2001 Evoiki Winery S.A. in cooperation with the Cave Cooperative of Thebes and the Agricultural Bank of Greece founded INO S.A, a B2C company that assumed all sales concerning bottled products. (for more information visit

Since 2007, after the departure of Mr Sampanis from the shareholder’s group, the company is owned entirely by the Skouloudis family that decided to invest once again in the future and in the new methods of packaging that were being progressively introduced in the market of juices and natural products. As a result, EVOIKI S.A, is now in a position to offer its main products (Natural grape juice, Concentrated Grape Juice and Concentrated Rectified Grape Juice) not only tailor-made to the needs of its clients but also pasteurised and aseptically packaged (in addition to the bulk option).

The years to come should be fascinating for the company as we will be observing the results of our strategic choices. Our previous accomplishments, our experience in the wine and juice sector and the passion of our employees make us very optimistic about the future ahead.

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